About our Family


Fire Fighter Sales & Service was established in 1946 by Jim Tenbrook. After ten years of running the business he handed Fire Fighter Sales & Service to his apprentice, Vern Brewer. Since Vern’s initiation Fire Fighters has always had a member of the Brewer family working and running the facility. As of 2005 we have three generations of family working with and caring for customers.  Having so many family members in one space allows us to have a unique perspective not only on the past but also the future of Fire Fighter’s. Our third generation family members are helping us to take steps into the technological era. By improving our reporting and technician knowledge we’re constantly moving forward to make things easy and efficient for those we serve. We take pride in our family oriented approach to our business which allows us to have time to care for each individual customer as if they were one of our own.

Currently we employ 16 full time employees most of whom are family or have been with our company for over 10 years. When Fire Fighters Sales & Service first began we only serviced Portable Fire Extinguishers. Over the years, we saw the opportunity to expand what we could offer our customers. Where people once had to go from business to business for their fire protection needs we now can offer all of those services in one place. We now currently are able to offer not only Portable Fire Extinguisher service but also Fire Suppression, Fire Alarm, and Sprinkler systems to name a few.

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