We save you time and money.

Fire Fighter Sales & Service offers expertise in a broad spectrum of fire protection service, saving you time and money. We install, repair, inspect, and sell various life safety products. We can assure you only need one place to get your products up to code.


Repair and Install

We repair and install the following products:

Fire Extinguishers

Grab with confidence! Fire Fighter Sales & Service ensures that the Fire Extinguisher you and your employees rely on is the correct agent type for the area, at the proper distance and placement should the worst occur. We help teach you how to combat the hazards that you may encounter in your daily business to minimize damage and protect lives.

Egress Lighting

We’ll ensure you and your customers won’t be left in the dark when power outages occur due to storms, tornadoes, equipment malfunctions or fire.  We help you choose the best places for you to indicate safety routes. We do this by inspecting your facility and creating a safety outline suited just for you.

Industrial Fire Supression (Paint Booths, Special Hazard)

Hazardous areas and materials can be the most dangerous and costly should an emergency occur. You can rest easy knowing your valuable and hazardous equipment is protected with the highest quality fire suppression systems available. We’ll make sure these systems meet codes and standards so you can run your business safely.

Waterless (Clean Agent)

We understand in your business expensive equipment is important. In keeping with our standard of fire protection excellence, our clean agent solutions protect your equipment by suppressing a fire without putting your valuables at risk.

Fire Alarm

Protect your valuable assets at the first sign of danger. Fire Fighter Sales & Service promises an onsite assessment of your facility and how to improve your fire protection safety. We design systems to specifically fit your business and facility. Time is a valuable commodity in times of crisis, Fire Alarm Systems are the first line of defense to alert occupants of danger and ensure they can quickly reach safety.

Kitchen Fire Supression

It’s a natural tendency for commercial kitchens to throw flames and collect greasy residue that cause potential fires. Often these hazards are invisible and potentially dangerous. The job of the Kitchen fire suppression systems is to minimize damage, which allows you to do business as usual with less downtime. We know your goal is to serve the best quality food; our expertise and quality products & services keep the doors open.





Hydrostatic Testing



Sensitivity Testing



Fire Extinguisher Recharge



Central Station Monitoring of Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems






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